TRIM - triathlon school in Moscow

Preparing athletes for triathlon competitions, including IRONMAN.

Set in entry-level groups for learning to swim, bike, and run.
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We train athletes to compete in triathlon (from Sprint to IronMan), taking into account the current level of training and health status. We guide the athletes from the beginning of training to the start. You can compete at the races either individually or as a member of our TRIM team (team competition).
Foundation of our school
The number of starts in which our athletes won prizes
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Training programs

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Preparation for Sprint, Olympic, Half Ironman, Ironman distances
14 500 RUB
  • Monthly subscription
  • Enabled:
  • - A training plan for a week during the month in Staminity app
  • - Joint group training (cycling+running): 2 times a week
  • - Control training with a swimming technique coach 1 time a week
  • - Online Chat
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Come for a trial workout and we'll write a plan for you!
7000 RUB
  • Monthly subscription
  • Enabled:
  • - First introductory training session with a trainer
  • - Tracking and adjustment in Staminity app
  • - Online Chat
  • - Phone support
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Personal training sessions
Train individually with a coach and clearly train the nuances that directly affect the result and progress.
from 2 500 RUB
  • For one training session

  • Enabled:

  • - Online Chat

  • - Phone support

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Group training schedule

Small ring Krylatskoe

Small ring Krylatskoe

Luzhniki Swimming pool

Training Cycling + Running
Led on the small ring in Krylatskoye and running the Rowing Canal

Why choose our school

TRIM - is a team of advanced sports enthusiasts who are united by triathlon. The team was formed from former athletes in September 2017. During the training process, it attracted sports fans to its composition. TRIM is a team that aims to win in the age categories from 20 to 60+ and team competitions.
If you are new to sports and want to prepare for the first start in your life - our school will be a reliable partner for you. We will help you prepare physically and psychologically. Our rehabilitation specialist of our team will eliminate injuries as much as possible during the training process.
Preparing exactly for your start
You have chosen a start, the coach will prepare and make a plan taking into account the complexity of the start track on which you plan to finish
Team starts
Joint trips with the Trim triathlon team to the most interesting starts and training camps of the season, including foreign ones
Training at affordable prices
We understanding that sports in Russia should be available to as many people as possible
Our coaches
Alexey Konakov
Head coach of the team
Triathlon Coach
Certificate of the Russian Triathlon Federation
MS of the USSR in Orienteering.
KMS of the Russian Federation in triathlon.
Candidate master of sports in swimming (open water).
Candidate master of sports in ski racing.
Winner of the title "Iron Man" (iron distance: 3.8 km swimming + 180 km cycling + 42.195 km running) in 2011 and 2012.
Champion of Russia in 2013 "Half Iron Man" (half-iron distance: 1.9 km swimming + 90 km cycling + 21.1 km running) in the category "Veterans".
Five-time Champion of Russia in winter triathlon (running + cycling + skiing) in the category " Veterans"
Three-time Champion of Russia in summer triathlon (swimming + cycling + running).
category "Veterans"
Coaching experience since 2008

Pavel Bozhik
Swimming Coach
Triathlon Coach
Certificate of the Russian Triathlon Federation
Master of Sports in military sports all-around (shooting, swimming, running).
Candidate master of sports in swimming.
Candidate master of sports in Triathlon.
Multiple Winner and Medalist of the Championships of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in military sports all-around.
Medalist and winner of the Russian Swimming Championships in the "Masters" category
Winner of the Russian Cup in the "Masters" category"
Coaching experience since 2015.
Team specialists
Vitaly Shoporov
Massage therapist and rehabilitation specialist of the TRIM team
- In 1995, he graduated from the Institute of Physical Education (RGAFK) with a degree in "Coach".
- From 1996 to 1998, advanced training at the SPC of Sports Medicine, specialty "Rehabilitation of athletes after injuries" and "Rehabilitation massage".
Experience as a massage therapist and rehabilitologist since 1992.
As part of the Team, TRIM has been participating in Triathlon competitions for 3 years. Many times he became a prize-winner in his age group.
Svetlana Kostina
A general practitioner, a specialist in sports medicine and physical therapy, your personal sports nutritionist and nutritionist.
In 2004, she graduated from the Astrakhan State Medical Academy with a degree in Medical Science
In 2005, she completed an internship at the St. Petersburg Institute of Advanced Medical Experts in the specialties "Therapy", "Medical and Social Expertise"
In 2019, she underwent retraining in sports medicine and physical therapy
In 2021, she was retrained in sports dietetics and nutritionology
Our team
Permanent team composition: 13 people, among which there are CMC in triathlon, MS in long-distance running, MS in cross-country skiing, CMC in swimming, CMC in pentathlon.
Team members take part (individually and in team competitions), become winners and prize-winners, get into the TOP-10 competitions in Russia and abroad in various sports disciplines: triathlon (summer, winter), duathlon( summer, winter), bicycle racing, swimrun, open water swimming, middle and long distance running, cross-country skiing, trails, orienteering.

Alexey Konakov
Alexander Shvetsov
Alexey Maruev
Nikita Minashkin
Sergey Tripaka
Vitaly Shoporov
Maxim Semin
Sergey Stepanov
Konstantin Stepanov
Vladimir Mikhailov
Valentina Zotova
Irina Dovydenko
Pavel Bozhik
TRIM triathlon
Preparing for a triathlon
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Sports Physiology and Biomechanics Center
Running shoes and accessories
Products for swimming, triathlon and outdoor activities
Feedback from our students

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How is the training going?
Sign up for a free trial training session, the coach will determine your level of training and recommend a suitable group for you. Classes are held on weekends and weekdays in Krylatskoye
Is it possible to study remotely?
Yes, but first you need to come to a free training session in Krylatskoye - after that, you can make a training plan for you. The coach will monitor the results and adjust the load
Can I send my child to your school?
Yes, we have children's groups from 12 years old.
For more information, please call:
+7 (903) 160-55-42
I don't have a heart rate monitor yet, can I practice without it for the first time?
Yes, at first, the coach will monitor your performance, but for a full training process, monitoring progress and health, we will need a heart rate monitor.
How long does a triathlon training session last?
A standard triathlon training session lasts 90 minutes
If I have a health restriction, can I start exercising?
Inform the coach at the first introductory session about all your health restrictions
Our address and contacts
School hours: daily from 7:00 to 21:00
Contact number:
+7 (903) 160-55-42
Krylatskoe metro station
10 Krylatskaya Street, Moscow, Russia
+7 (903) 160-55-42

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