24 october

How to train in winter: machine, track or Wattbike

All kinds of indoor are good, choose your own
Machine, track or wattbike-a variety of opportunities for cycling in the off-season. You need to figure out what equipment is best suited for what type of training.
If desired, and a competent approach, on any of these types of training, you can do any training, if you know how.

Wattbike — The coolest thing you can hone in class is the technique of pedaling. This is a simulator that allows you to evaluate the pedaling technique with the possibility of correcting it in the direction of improvement and fixing it in muscle memory. Wattbike takes 39 parameters from each turn of the connecting rod and shows you how you pedal on the polar chart online - this is extremely convenient. Also, all this can be connected to the app, and your heart rate monitor. And it's nice that you don't need to bring your bike to practice and, if you want, the rest of the equipment - everything is included in the price of the lesson.
Price of classes: from 800 rubles for 1.5 hours in the studio
Popularity: High
Safety: High
Productivity: High

Machines — they are also trainers, are divided into air, magnetic and liquid (from the cheapest to the most expensive). The main difference is the noise level. Air makes the most noise, and liquid is the quietest. Your bike is placed on the machine and you turn your pedals - everything is as realistic as possible. When you connect to Zwift, your training becomes completely online - you compete with users from all over the world!
The price of the machine: from 5000r
Popularity: High
Safety: High
Productivity: High

Roller machine-Full training on this simulator can be carried out by acquiring certain skills. The simulator almost completely simulates riding on a flat plane, including maintaining balance and maneuvers. The first "trips" are better done by sticking your hand to the wall and simultaneously turning the pedals. It is necessary to feel the behavior of the bike on the rollers and try to keep the balance by steering. At the roller bike station, in addition to basic skills, such skills as circular rotation of the pedals without swinging the body, holding the bike on the line of riding on the track are well acquired
The price of the machine: from 4000R
Popularity: High
Security: Low
Productivity: High

Track-Most often, training on the track is carried out for pumping the technique of riding in a group, maneuvering and interval training. It is possible to go to volume trainings, but it is not recommended, it is better to use a Wattbike or a machine for this purpose. Track bikes have only one gear, but this is more than enough to feel the speed, especially at the exit of the bend. The track is a complete delight, and everyone should try it, it will be remembered for sure.
The price of classes: from 1500r for training with the rental of a track bike
Popularity: Average
Safety: Medium
Productivity: High

Of course, if you plan to work out seriously and for a long time - you can not do without a machine, but all other types of training are worth trying, they are all good and productive in their own way!
Brief before the indoor training session in the MySportExpert studio
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