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Simple rules of running in the arena

By following them, achieve results faster
Running training in winter is difficult, and those who do not want to freeze, solve this issue in different ways. Someone in the off-season prefers to run cross-country on the street in any weather, but even they are sometimes forced to go to the arena, for example, to conduct interval training.
1. Direction of travel
As in automobile traffic, there are also directions in the arena. According to recognized world standards, everyone runs counterclockwise. We recommend that you follow this rule, and under all circumstances, run and do running exercises only in the right direction, so that your training is safe. If you still need to move clockwise, then do it as close to the wall as possible, skipping all the runners

2. Which track should I run on?
Remember that the first track is designed for high-speed work. Never step on it if you are going to do anything other than short accelerations, stretches, or pace running. Everything else-warm-up, light cross-country, rest between segments-is done at low intensity and therefore it is worth running on 2 or 3 tracks. Follow these simple rules, for the safety of yourself and other athletes.

3. Running as a group
Fans of running in a large company, stretching along all the paths in a dense line, will immediately make a remark. There are always no more than two people running side by side.
Make it a habit not to use headphones while training in the arena. This is not safe - you may simply not hear if someone is rapidly approaching during your changeover. Remember that overtaking in the arena is made on the right and smoothly.

4. Equipment
The air temperature in the arena is usually about 20 degrees. Therefore, when choosing clothes and shoes for running in the arena, you can take what you usually run in the summer on flat asphalt.
Don't forget to bring water with you, and don't forget to drink more often, especially during intense training.

5. What are the best workouts to perform in the arena
The arena in winter is mainly a quick workout: short stretches, intervals, pace running, as the arena is not slippery and dry.
If the training is long, it is better to perform it on the street. There is proper ventilation of the lungs and reduces the risk of getting sick (read the article how to dress properly for training in winter) and you will not run an hour in one circle.
We wish you good health and excellent training in the arena!
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